DIY: MakeNoise LxD fitted into Intellijel 1U space

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DIY: MakeNoise LxD fitted into Intellijel 1U space

Post by SunPulse » Fri Feb 14, 2020 1:53 pm

A while ago I made a new faceplate for my LxD so it would fit into the Intellijel 1U space. It fits in nicely and having it rotated 90 degrees makes the cable routing a lot better, and the signal flow is clearer as it is left to right. I had considered making these to sell but decided against it, so I thought I would share what I did and attach a JPG file of the front panel graphics so anybody can make their own.

The graphics took a lot of careful measuring on my LxD to make sure it all lined up properly and looked good. I probably spent more time on that then on anything else.

Converted to the 1U height the LxD takes up 24HP.

So the first thing you need is a 1U 24HP blank. Intellijel doesn't make a 1U blank in that size though, so you have to make your own. I used a Doepfer 3U 8HP blank to start with. Turned sideways it fits nicely into the 1U height, but is longer than needed. Also the screw holes in the blank don't line up with the 1U rack holes. I solved both of those problems by cutting a bit off of each end of the blank to cut it down to 24HP. Then I drilled new screw holes that matched up with the 1U rack space.

You could also start with a blank piece of aluminum and make your own that way.

The attached front panel jpg is meant to be printed at 360dpi. That way it is the exact size to match your LxD. It is actually larger than the final panel to give you room for adjustment on the blank panel, there are guide lines on the image to help with aligning it on the blank. I printed it onto heavy satin finish photo paper and glued it onto the blank.

The next step is to drill the jack holes for the LxD. I used an annular drill bit as it gives a nice clean cut. A little fine adjustment with a round file may be necessary to get the jacks on the LxD to pass through without binding. If you do have damage on the graphics after drilling you can just remove the damaged graphics after you have all the holes drilled and glue on a new one.

The next thing is to use a sharp knife and trim the graphics paper down to the panel edges.

The last step is to remove the existing front panel from your LxD and remount it into your new panel.

And there you have it, a MakeNoise LxD for your 1U space!
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