SWN, Shapeshifter, which one first?

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Re: SWN, Shapeshifter, which one first?

Post by Benoist » Tue Mar 24, 2020 4:17 pm

AFAIK, the Graphic VCO WT uploading doesn't exist yet ( ? ) too bad because designing valuable waveforms on it is a loooong process ...
On this exhaustive Divkid presentation you can assess the workflow and the sounds :
It excels at razor sharp sounds that can be smashed further with the FX to make your ears bleed ( even more ) it's EricaSynths after all :hihi:

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Re: SWN, Shapeshifter, which one first?

Post by Mr. Aloud » Tue Mar 24, 2020 4:42 pm

Yeah, they got a reputation :D. I´ll probably let Marbles decide which box to start with, unless there is a marketplace offer I can´t decline. SWN has that intriguing interface adn 6 VCO, Erica I´ll pass until I can edit on a computer, E352, dunno, not in love for some reason. Piston Honda I didn´t like because of stupid, maybe the demos were just odd with that TTS tick, but now I´m tempted. Did I mention I like orange... alas mk3 has limited availability. Not in a rush, so I´ll dwell a bit on SWN vs Piston and search for more demo material. Not forgetting the gogo, but I need to dig deeper.

Cheers and thanks for all your input!
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