Turning a Grandmother into a Eurorack Model 15

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Turning a Grandmother into a Eurorack Model 15

Post by black_label » Fri Mar 20, 2020 2:33 am

I’m looking at a few modules for a mini-rack to use with my Moog Grandmother to turn it into a Model 15 on a budget. I’m thinking I need a 3rd oscillator, something like an Aion or Behringer 921 (might go with the AJH Mini Mod osc since I have one of those and I prefer the Minimoog osc sound). Then I’d need an Aion 907a FFB or a Behringer 914 when it’s out. Then I’ll need another envelope. My question is - what else?

I’m thinking of something like the Behringer 923 filters and a mixer so I can get some filtered noise if I’m using the noise input on the GM for noise/osc 3.

After that, what would I be missing that really gives the Model 15 its sound?

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