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Frames Parasite

Post by theburningtrestle » Sun Mar 22, 2020 11:33 am

Hello folks - I hope everyone is well!

I'm having issues with my Frames Parasite -
a) it's not putting out CV when switch is set to +10v offset (or +5v when I swap the jumper)
b) the mix output is noisy even when nothing is connected to the inputs
c)the individual mixers aren't working the way i'd expect them to and and even when at 0 there's a lot of signal bleeding through

I'm wondering if this is Op-amp trouble?

I've reset by re-powering with DEL button held in frame knob ids let red and mixer knobs pulsate rhythmically and stay like until I turn a knob or hit a button is that correct?

I bought the module months ago second hand so no way to return but any pointers on fixing it or any test points I could look at? any help appreciated!

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