Make Noise Tempi Save help

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Make Noise Tempi Save help

Post by caseyhunt » Tue May 19, 2020 1:23 am

Hey folks,
Perhaps someone here could help me with an issue. From my post to r/modular :

Just got a make noise tempi, and am working through the manual to learn all the menu combos and functionality. I’m having trouble grokking the save system.

I reset to factory defaults, and am trying to copy bank 1 (the sampling of 16 interesting timing states from) into the next bank. For one, It doesnt seem to immediately register. I have to cycle through all the banks for the copied data to register. OK. All the timings are in bank 2. Then I do a “save all banks” function from the same menu. The light goes red to show its saved. But when I cycle power on the system, the changes are NOT in bank 2.

I tried saving a few of the individual states in bank 2 after the copy, and these seem to retain changes after a power on. Surely this isnt the workflow... copy a bank, then manually save each of the 16 states. What would bank save be for?

Am I missing something? Appreciate it!

Thanks all in advance.

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Re: Make Noise Tempi Save help

Post by davide3737 » Fri Jul 03, 2020 6:32 am

Same issue here with recalling stored banks on powering up. I've reached out to MN.

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