Vector Routing

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Vector Routing

Post by migrations » Thu May 21, 2020 12:48 am

Hello all,
I recently picked up a planar 2 and I absolutely love what its unlocked for my system. One use that I found immediately impressive (there are many) is the ability to route one audio input to 4 outputs that can be controlled on a 2 dimensional axis using the joystick or cv.

This leads me to wonder... are there any other modules that have some similar functionality, but with perhaps more outputs for routing? Being able to run one (for example) sequence into 6 or 8 different processing blocks smoothly would be incredible!

I've seen the antimatter V3KT which is awesome, but still has the same amount of routing options as the planar.

I'm not of course talking about a sequential switch, which, as far as i can tell is the closest I've seen. Something like the SSSR matrixarchate could route up to 16 different places, but it cant interpolate between them, which seems to be where some of the magic happens...
does such a device exist?

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