Reset setup with Pamela

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Reset setup with Pamela

Post by rutabaga40 » Thu May 21, 2020 7:10 am

I wanted to share the results of some clock/reset test I've done. When I was performing last year, Monome Teletype was my master clock, and I found that if I set the reset pulse to proceed the downbeat by a micro-sec, that kept the other sequencers (Varigate and Ansible) in proper sync.

Trying to use Pamela as my master clock now and I lock to do resets over long time periods, like 4 bars or more. If I set a pulse for every 2 or 4 bars, I was getting a flam on the '1' with multiple sequencers playing (ER101, Circadian, Elequencer, Varigate). This is of course because most of them will see a reset pulse and then identify the next clock as the 1. The problem is that the all seem to process the relation of the reset pulse to the simultaneous clock pulse differently.

So I was able to recreate the Monome Teletype solution--placing the reset pulse a micro-sec ahead of the clock--in Pam (I'm on the original Pam). For my reset pulse channel, just go to the additional options and you can delay by up to 1/96th of a beat. I found that delaying by 1/90th of a beat worked well. This places it just ahead of the next downbeat. The handy aspect of using Pam is that you can have one output doing 24PPQ and another on 16th note output, so you can feed each sequencer what it prefers.

Here's what my clock pulse (left) and reset (right) look like.Image

How are you guys handling this? Am I missing something and making it more complicated than it needs to be?

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