Resonant filter similar to Entity Perc synth?

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Resonant filter similar to Entity Perc synth?

Post by bemushroomed » Fri May 22, 2020 7:25 am

What's out there that is similar to the External In filter etc on the SSF Perc Synth?

I had it for a while and what impressed me the most with it was the external input, how you could even affect pitch of the sound. I don't really know what the "pitch" is though, its obviously not sampling the sound and then pitching it.. I'd love to have a filter with same type of feature.

Any ideas?

This is what they say about the pitch feature btw,

"PITCH affects the frequency of the resonant filter. The nominal control range is from about 8Hz to 2.2kHz. This range is expanded upon use of internal and external control voltage sources."

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