Befaco BF-22 noise question - picking up sound of oscillators through power

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Befaco BF-22 noise question - picking up sound of oscillators through power

Post by Pyrrhix » Sat Oct 17, 2020 1:02 am

I bought a new "factory-built" Befaco BF-22. I had read that it was noisy, and I was expecting some background white noise like my MS-20 mini has, which I don't mind at all. However, the BF-22 is picking up the sound of my oscillators too. What I mean is, when monitoring the output of the BF-22, even when nothing is plugged into the input, I can faintly hear my oscillators droning away in the background, along with any other audio-rate source in my case. I haven't run into any similar issues with my case before, and my WMD Hadron Collider filter doesn't exhibit this issue at all. I have tried removing everything from my case apart from the BF-22 and an oscillator (I tried with 2 different ones), and I also tried monitoring with headphones directly from the modular to remove my audio interface as a possible factor.

My question: Is this behavior normal for the BF-22?

I love the sound of the filter, but this issue is annoying. I'm trying to decide whether to live with it, exchange it for another in the hopes that another BF-22 won't have this same issue, or look for another MS-20 based filter that won't have this issue.

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