What was Roland thinking with the 505 filter module?

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What was Roland thinking with the 505 filter module?

Post by Sweetfiltersweep » Tue Feb 23, 2021 6:45 am

Quoting Roland on the 505 website:
“With the SYS-505, Roland and Malekko have brought this highly-coveted filter, in all its sonic glory, to the Eurorack format‘

Is that true?

Roland/Malekko has a 505 eurorack filter module. According to the information on the Roland website, this 505 filter gives you the sound of the SH-5 filter.
But, according to users and internet videos, the 505 multimode filter doesn’t selfoscillate and the bandpass filter has exhibits all kind of bumps and instabilities when sweeped. This is not how a SH-5 filter sounds, as proven in my video.

Two key features of the original filter are simply missing in the 505 SH-5-wannabe filter:
- The multimode filter doesn’t self oscillate.
- The dedicated bandpass filter is anything but smooth.

Having myself the original System 500, I can vote for the great work of Roland/Malekko bringing back the classic Roland sound for eurorack. But the 505 filter giving you the sound of the SH-5 filter? ...that’s plain wrong. Using the same layout isn’t enough.

If the 505 doesn’t behave like a SH-5 filter, Roland should advertise this product in a different way, since the actual description on their website isn’t accurate to say the least.

This doesn’t imply that you can’t get many interesting sounds out of the 505 filter. But don’t fool yourself or others believing that this is the SH-5 sonic heritage.

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