Old Crow Crowminius for Eurorack DIY build

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Post by Staticcharge » Sun May 06, 2018 2:33 pm

duff wrote:
Staticcharge wrote:Threads can sometime get clogged up with pointless comments and you just end up trawling the pages of nonsense to find the answers you want
This might go down as a 'pointless comment', but...

This is the problem with using a thread based conversation board to hold key information required to build a module. It is far from ideal and there are much better tools out there, however they don't have the surrounding community/ visibility.

The only way it works here is if the pertinent information is moved to, or referenced from, the first post. Unfortunately the only person who can do this is the thread starter who may or may not be able or willing to ensure it is maintained over time regardless of initial intentions.
I can see your point, but....It really does depend on what you expect to get from a thread entitled: Old Crow Crowminius for Eurorack DIY build.
If it's general bollocks then I should have entitled it: Old Crow Crowminius for Eurorack DIY build and general bollocks.
If your looking for a DIY Minimoog for Euro don't buy the Old Crow version, this one is much better with all the information you would ever need in one place:
https://guinguin-instruments.ecwid.com/ ... -p58805985

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Post by Schanke » Wed Mar 20, 2019 4:25 pm

I am wondering if anyone could share his/her Euro BOM from mouser or digikey.

would be really helpful

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Post by Schanke » Sat Mar 23, 2019 1:35 pm

getting the BOM together now. I will share the basket as soon as possible. it would be grate if anyone who built the modules could post a pic of the MA Host and MA Main boards built. as the components in the BOM sometimes do not fit quite on what i can see on the silkscreen.
are the 67Y vertical adjust or from the side. ?

appreciate any help

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Post by Schanke » Mon Mar 25, 2019 4:08 pm

here is may mouser basket:
https://www.mouser.de/ProjectManager/Pr ... aa5801888c

Edit: BE AWARE !!!! the toggles in my basket are wrong !!!!! the right ones are those:

Mountain Switch 10TC410 15x
Mountain Switch 10TC415 2x

it contains everything except:
9mm potentiometer
2pole 6pos switch
pin header male and female

I haven't start with the build jet, so it could be that there are mistakes in this basket.
this is totally up to you if you will use it or not .-)
but maybe it helps a little.
the missing ics i got from reichelt
pots and tempcos from MA

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