Dreadbox Erebus DIY kit

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Low output

Post by Stardust » Fri Oct 18, 2019 12:18 pm

I would like to ask for advice. I have almost no experienco in soldering, but i finished building the kit. There are some problems.

The output is extremely low. I have to open filter and dial max resonance. Even after that it is very very low (almost inaudiable). I can mix both oscilators.

Signal does not go to echo (but echo unit is working).

Can anyone recomend me what do do? I would really appreciate it. (sorry for bad english...)

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Re: Dreadbox Erebus DIY kit

Post by MerkDak » Thu Apr 09, 2020 1:44 pm

Oi Wigglers!

Anybody in here still read this thread? I am looking to mod my Lil Erebus, but I am a complete noob in schematics design. Would be pretty cool if somebody could help me on my way. Stuff I'd like to do:
  1. Add direct VCO output jacks (got that covered)
  2. Add VCO2 hard sync (input jack covered, but I'd rather make it a switch)
  3. FM? haven't looked into that yet. Simple mod?
  4. I'd love glide, but my guess is that that's a pretty complicated one; needs additional circuitry AND it beeds to interface correctly with the CV and Midi...
  5. I deninitely would like some additional wave forms, ideally by just adding jumper cables. I'd figure it should be possible to change VCO2 Into a triangle wave (by shorting the part with the switch). Anyone got any ideas? And what about VCO1?
  6. Another useful mod would be to add a +1/0/-1 octave switch for VCO2. But I have no idea where to start and if that'd require adding a lot of components.
I've started modding and building a case. Pictures can be found on IG , I'll keep track of successful mods in this thread.

Also, this thread about modding Lil's big brother Erebus v2 by DrMarble was useful so far.

Finally; got some cool mods you want to share, show us!

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Re: Dreadbox Erebus DIY kit

Post by EATyourGUITAR » Thu Apr 09, 2020 7:53 pm

everything is pretty easy. you need to understand electronics first. you put the slew circuit in series to the CV input. the 1v offset or 2v offset on a switch, that goes into the summing node after a 100k input resistor. you add a 100k for each input. notice the 100k resistor after the tuning knob. the 100k after the cv input. you add a dc offset through a 100k to that summing node right there. if you want slew on the midi input, you have two choices. you can duplicate the slew circuit again, or you can put a mixer before the slew. whatever you prefer. you could also rewire it through the normal on the cv input jack but then you would not be able to use midi and cv input at the same time. FM is already available. you patch to the cv input on the vco. you can add jacks with attenuators no problem. put another 100K resistor into the summing node. extra waveforms are possible but that would probably go beyond simple cheap easy mods for a noob.

https://www.dreadbox-fx.com/wp-content/ ... layout.pdf

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Re: Dreadbox Erebus DIY kit

Post by Philthy » Wed Sep 16, 2020 12:31 am

Hi everyone,

First post, and apologies to revive an old thread.

Long time guitar player and amp/pedal builder. Have just taken the plunge into the world of modular - well semi modular at least in the form of a Lil' Erebus kit. I have a Keystep also.

Was keen to make a desktop case for the Lil' Erebus while it finds me via post. Was hoping someone could provide me with exact measurements of the front panel. edit: and the pcb if its accessible.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Dreadbox Erebus DIY kit

Post by Gohan2A » Thu Sep 24, 2020 11:32 am

hi Philthy,

Front panel : 21,3cmx12,85cm
PCB : 21,3cmx10,9cmx approxim. 2,3cm

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