Sine Shaper (Diff Pair)

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Sine Shaper (Diff Pair)

Post by jorg » Thu Jan 30, 2020 1:45 pm

I thought it was time to give a little bit back. Here's a sine shaper, based on National Instruments AN-263, but also with Cusp Cancellation. I've used readily available modern parts. In simulation, it produces about 0.6% distortion, mainly 3rd (-46dB) and 5th (-54dB) harmonic.
At 10 degrees C and 40 degrees C, distortion only increases to 0.8%. The tempco resistor is something I haven't seen in this application before, and it does make a very significant improvement. (NOTE: BCM847 and BCM857 are matched pairs that cost about 8 cents each.)
Sine Shaper logarithmic
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