[IN STOCK] DIY 1U Tile Case Kit

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[IN STOCK] DIY 1U Tile Case Kit

Post by thx2112 » Fri Jan 31, 2020 11:44 am

The 1U Tile case has been redesigned to be (easily) DIYable. Kits are available with all hardware, and the power backplane PCB can be had as just the PCB; with all components; or completely built so no soldering is required in assembling the case.

The case is assembled with glue and clamps. It's designed to allow very tight tolerances for a great fit and finish while being easily assembled without jigs or fixtures (unlike the previous case which used a big laser-cut fixture to keep everything aligned and square.)

The outside surfaces are made from Baltic Birch plywood. They're easily stained or painted or whatever, but also look great with just a few coats of lacquer.
More information here, including links to construction page, BOM, and construction video: https://syinsi.com/new-diy-eurotile-case-for-1u-tiles/

Shop page is here: https://syinsi.com/shop/tiles/diy-eurotile-case/ Shipping costs can be checked by putting it in the cart then entering your country and postal code in the cart page. A profile isn't required.

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