Help! cv control with a IR proximity sensor

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Help! cv control with a IR proximity sensor

Post by CarlosUnch » Mon Feb 10, 2020 3:39 pm


Noob here. I want to have an IR sensor to control two parameters of a circuit at the same time in placement of pots.
I know the basics of the sensor to work [1] (have yet to calculate res), but I don't know:

1. Since this produces a change in voltage I'd need a control voltage "input" in place of the pot (not to complement it).
I don't know how to wire that, for example, as dry/wet control.
2. Circuit on how to affect two parameters at the same time. I know I could use a trimpot to adjust the sensitivity of each parameter individually.

Image [1]

Any light you could throw here would be really welcomed, I'm pretty stuck right now.


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