Bug first diy eurorack passive multiple

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Bug first diy eurorack passive multiple

Post by Josh84 » Sat Mar 07, 2020 5:38 pm

Hi all ! I have a problem with my first multiple editing.
( ai synthesis ) I haven’t buy the pcb .
My jack 1 input doesn’t come out in 2,3,4 unless if input 5 is plugged in at the same time (even if there is no source at input 5 ..)
I unsolder tab 2 of jack 5.
Now input 1 works well and that gives me a multiple 1/8. But not in 2/4:. Now all the entrances can be exited etc.
So it's even more like a mixer than a multiple. (for example: I enter two vco and it comes out on the same audio source).
( I don’t know how to put a photo on muffwiggler )

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