AS3330 vs AS3360? AS3330/40 vs AS21/3364

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AS3330 vs AS3360? AS3330/40 vs AS21/3364

Post by AuFX » Thu Mar 12, 2020 3:11 pm

Just wondering what the difference between 3360 and 3330 Dual VCAs are and more importantly why you would build either one instead of 2164 or 3364, you could nearly buy both a 2164 and 3364 chip for the same price as A 3360/30 and have 4 lin and 4 exp VCAs versus only 2 lin/exp VCA

Also I notice the linear VCA have log converters, so does this mean the ''exponential'' VCA is actually a linear VCA and the ''linear' VCA' is logarithmic which will cancel with an exponential envelope to give a linear response?

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