Oakley Journeyman PCBs available for Eurorack

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Oakley Journeyman PCBs available for Eurorack

Post by Synthbuilder » Fri Mar 20, 2020 12:24 pm

The Oakley Journeyman, previously only available as a 5U module, is now available for Eurorack in 6HP. It's a diode ring filter with low pass and high pass modes. It's partly based on the Traveller filter design from the mid 1970s.


The circuit is mostly the same as the 5U Journeyman except that I have used the improved drive control from the 5U DLF instead of the original. That is, like the DLF, turning up the drive control doesn't change the output volume.


More information, including Builder's Guide and sound samples, can be found on the project webpage:


As usual I don't provide the front panels but a Schaeffer database is provided on the page so you can either make your own or order from Schaeffer or FPE.


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