Help! Troubleshooting a Mutable Instruments Peaks build

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Help! Troubleshooting a Mutable Instruments Peaks build

Post by jazzmandjango » Tue Mar 24, 2020 10:51 am

Hey all,

I ordered a pre-SMD soldered kit for a Mutable Instruments Peaks off of Reverb but it doesn't want to power on. I got a different kit from the same seller (Plaits) which works perfectly, so I'm inclined to believe this one works too and I've screwed something up. Here's what I've done and hopefully someone can guide me on further testing. (Pictures below).

- checked that the power source (my Pittsburgh Modular case) was plugged in, powering other units properly, and swapped power cables to check if the cable was bad. The Peaks unit will still not turn on / no LED lights up / no sound comes out.

- I double checked and reflowed my solder points, I don't have any bridges and they look clean to me.

- I used a multimeter to test resistance on the pots, they all read the same so they seem good.

- seller told me to measure the current it's drawing, as a flashed, functional peaks should draw 40mA which he believes it is. HOW DO I DO THIS? I have a multimeter but I'm afraid of shorting the circuit or worse my PSU by placing the probes in the wrong spot, and I'm struggling to find a simple answer to this online.

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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