Trying to get OB6 program dump format off DSI/Sequential

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Trying to get OB6 program dump format off DSI/Sequential

Post by ObsoleteModular » Wed May 20, 2020 12:42 pm


Trying to get program dump format for OB6 off DSI/Sequential

Contacted tech support

First I get sent a link to the manual

Got one of those. Try again!

Then I get sent

P12 Packed Parameter Data Assignments.pdf
Prophet Rev2 Packed Parameter Data Assignments.pdf

Yes that sort of thing, but for the OB-6 ...

The documentation should be the same if not similar. This is the only documentation we have created for any of our instruments. We have not had the bandwidth to create implementation charts for every instrument.
Uh ... really?!


if (current_position == resonance_index || SIMILAR) return resonance_value;


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