CP3- Mixer by FEEDBACK 6HP [NEW! SMD Porject]

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CP3- Mixer by FEEDBACK 6HP [NEW! SMD Porject]

Post by strat-1 » Sat Jun 06, 2020 6:11 am



MAIN PCB Top and Bottom

POWER PCB Top and Bottom

The CP3MINUS is the 6HP accurate recreation in EURORACK format of one of the most appreciated vintage modular audio mixers.
The specific distortion makes it not only a great summing unit but also a great sound design tool.

This is a SMD project suitable for beginners.

CP3- is available in two type of kits :

KIT1 :
- 2 x PCBs + Front Panel

KIT2 :
- 2 x PCBs + Front Panel
- 1 x 79L06
- 1 x MBT3904 dual transistor
- 1 x MBT3906 dual transistor
- 6 x Minijack sockets
- 4 x 50KA POTS
- 1 x 10KB Dualgang POT
- 5 x 1900h Cream Knobs
- 1 x 6way Pinheader Male for 10/12mm spacer
- 1 x 6way Pinheader Female for 10/12mm spacer

We added the dual transistors in KIT2, the rest of the parts like resistors, caps, diodes, are easy to be found on every common store.
Even if you already have the dual transistors we thought it's good to have some spare ones in case the soldering goes wrong.

We just released 3 new projects : Squeeze, CP3- and Static SMD.
Stay tuned for new projects in 1-2 months :)

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