Problem with Crush delay v3

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Problem with Crush delay v3

Post by roya » Mon Jun 29, 2020 12:32 pm

Hi. I completed building a crush delay v3 today and experiencing some problems:
- in general, things seems to be working, pots/jacks
- When I turn the speed to very fast, from 7 o’clock until around 9:30 o’clock, I can hear the delay working. Feedback is working fine, wet/dry pot is working fine
- when I move to around 10 o’clock, noise is starting in a crazy way. From looking at youtube videos, delay should be much longer than I get and noise should start around 12-1 o’clock
. From around 2 o’clock until fully CCW, there is just silence…

Hope you can direct me to what to look for. I checked my soldering multiple times and couldn’t find anything. Also replaced the speed pot to make sure it’s not that.

Here is a video:

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Re: Problem with Crush delay v3

Post by Eloc » Mon Jun 29, 2020 8:10 pm

Sounds perhaps like one or more of the 'circuit bending' type sections is permanently on, i.e. the three switches. Have you tried all of the switches to make sure they switch the individual effects on/off. From memory, some of those switches make the noisiness come in much earlier.

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