Roland SH-2000 low output

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Roland SH-2000 low output

Post by Chaotic » Sun Jul 26, 2020 5:54 pm

Working on a Roland SH-2000 for a friend which have a bit low output.
Its an early model.
As I remember I have seen others who has the same issue. Specs says that when the low/mid/high switch is in high mode, the output shall be 8V p/p.
I have done some measuring on the vcf/vca card
Out from vcf pin 9: 400mV p/p.
In vca pin 8: 40mV positive.
Out from the ic 3080 pin 6: 3V p/p.
Out from the trannies: 2,5V negative.
Out vca pin 12 (and output jack): 3V p/p.
Output with touch effect volume pressed down: 8V p/p.
Is this normal, or do the signal disappear somewhere?
So the Q is. Can someone with a fully functional unit measuring it, please.
If you dont want to open it, please let me know the results from the output jack.

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