E-mu E6400 Ultra Display Gobbledegook [HELP!]

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E-mu E6400 Ultra Display Gobbledegook [HELP!]

Post by eeling » Wed Feb 17, 2021 7:02 am

In recent weeks my much loved E6400 Ultra has been acting up. I'd really appreciate any advice.

the screen is displaying a jumped mess after power-up (though certain screens such as the boot screen are entirely normal). IMAGES: https://imgur.com/a/jx7PUMv

The power supply is only 2 years old. Fan is upgraded and mechanical HD removed for SCSI2SD. I've reseated all connections and given everything a look over, no obvious signs of wear inside (e.g. bulging, leaking, smoking...)

I am willing to pay for repair if anyone is able to point me to a technician who may be able to help. Based in London. :75:

Better living everyone.

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Re: E-mu E6400 Ultra Display Gobbledegook [HELP!]

Post by amonti » Thu Feb 18, 2021 4:25 pm

Maybe a dumb question on my part, but have you run built-in diagnostics on the LCD? I replaced the LCD panel on my JUNO-G with similar behaviour (clean boot and odd behaviour after), but in that case, it was a known issue. Page 24 of the service manual: http://www.deepsonic.ch/deep/docs_manu ... uments.pdf

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