Pedal Power 2 Plus issues

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Pedal Power 2 Plus issues

Post by NielsBakx » Tue Feb 23, 2021 9:06 am

Hey everyone, I did a search around the community for similar topics but couldn't find any posts about it, so here goes..

I run a small/medium pedal board (pedal train) of about 10 pedals powered by a Voodoo PP2 plus. I bought the board + supply from my friend who used it for a few years and took good care of it. Recently I've acquired the Electro Harmonix Ring Thing and when I added it to the board I started getting some issues. For anyone who doesn't know the Ring Thing (RT) has 2 overall modes; ring mod and pitch shifter. My problem is this: whenever I have the RT in pitch shifting mode I'll play a note and the whole pedal will turn off and restart. This to me is probably a power surge issue.. I play a note, the software kicks into gear to compute the pitch shift, sudden power surge and the pedal resets. When I'm in one of the ring modulating modes I don't have this issue (hence why I think the pitch shift issue has to do with the amount of processing needed to create an output), however after about 5 minutes the pedal will simply shut off (all lights go off) and if the pedal is not bypassed the sound doesn't pass and a constant thudding sound is heard.

I've been trying to figure out what the issue is here for a couple of days now and it's getting frustrating. I tried in different rooms (I thought maybe I'd finally reached ultimate DIY powering solution level in my home studio..) but that didn't change it. Different power leads into the pedal power. And of course unplugging other pedals, especially the more ampere-hungry ones. None of this seems to change anything and as I remember from first getting the RT it worked fine when running of it's own brick PSU (just a random one I had lying around). I've read the Pedal Power 2+ has some issues with pedals that draw higher current.. is that what I'm dealing with here?

Here's what I'm running:
Crybaby Classic Wah -> Behringer Superfuzz -> TC Polytune -> Boss SD1 -> Ring Thing -> MXR Custom Badass -> TC Shaker -> Catalinbread Belle Epoch -> Digitech Polaris -> Donner Looper

The Polaris power draw is between 75-125mA from what I've read (it gave me issues at first too until I plugged into one of the two higher mA outputs on the PP2+). The looper pulls about 100mA according to the website. The Ring Thing itself pulls around 190mA according to their website. The Polaris and Ring Thing are both powered by their own 250mA outputs, the looper operates fine off a regular 100mA output. The Wah and Superfuzz share one 100mA output with a split cable. Same for the MXR + Shaker. The rest (tuner, SD1, Belle Epoch) each has their own 100mA output. Wiring is fairly organised, audio on top, power underneath the board kinda thing.

Anyone have any ideas of what to try here? Right now in lockdown it is workable for recording sessions, but I'd like to take this board out gigging when that day finally arrives again and like this that ain't gonna happen!

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