Regarding the EHX 95000 - A specific question

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Regarding the EHX 95000 - A specific question

Post by BaloErets » Fri Nov 01, 2019 4:58 pm

I think this might be the first time I post anything outside of the Eurorack subforum! I'm about to purchase a used EHX 95000. Mostly because I need something that has the possibility to use 2 microphones when necessary, and it's at a decent price. My long term goal is to use this for the next 3 to 6 months getting comfortable with a pedal while I save up for the Headrush Looping station.

So my question; It is my understanding is that one of the often brought up limitations of the 95000 is that the loop lengths are fixed. So assuming you haven't predefined a loop length, then the maximum measures of your following loops are going to be the same length as the loop you laid down in loop 1.

That I can work around. But something really important to my workflow that I cannot find an answer for. Given that my 1st track is 4 measures.

Can my 2nd loop start recording on measure 2 and stop at the end of measure 1? So still the same length as loop 1 but they start and stop and different times?

Thanks in advance :tu:

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Post by Severed head » Tue Dec 17, 2019 3:44 pm

I know the other EHX XX000 loops can, im not sure about this.

but on the others you can create a loop and add a second loop/ track at any length not just a exact length. or length multiple of the original.

so you could have a first loop at 4 bars and the 2nd loop could be like 7bars.
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