How Do I Contact Matt Warren of MWFX?

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How Do I Contact Matt Warren of MWFX?

Post by tadamoof » Mon Feb 03, 2020 11:14 am

Hi, All.

This is my first post here. If this post belongs in a different bin, even the waste bin, please let me know and I'm happy to change it up or delete as necessary. I hope to stick around because this forum looks like a great place to talk with like and different minded folks about music gear! Lots of great ideas, questions, answers and community vibes.

My immediate goal in joining was to simply try to get a hold of Matt Warren of MWFX. He makes the Judder pedal. I placed an order recently and just wanted to follow up with an ETA for me here in Austin, TX. No rush. I'm not a touring band with a record deal or anything. Just a guy who laid down money through paypal and is curious to know when I can expect a cool gizmo to arrive at my door.

I understand that this may be a side gig for Matt, and at this point, I've not waited too long for a response. But I've seen the previous posts of others and just want to make sure I look for answers early in a calm and methodical way. I don't want this to go on so long that my frustration moves my finger toward "request refund" on paypal. I want to support indie pedal makers!

I've emailed, sent a message through FB to MWFX, and pm'd through this forum as I've seen that Matt has responded before.

Does anyone know the best way to reach Matt? Or short of that, does anyone who has purchased a metal Judder pedal )that appeared to be in stock on the day ordered) know of a fair timeline for processing of the order and shipment to the US?


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Re: How Do I Contact Matt Warren of MWFX?

Post by mwfx » Fri Feb 07, 2020 3:52 am

Hi I'm here! Sorry for the delayed reply, have been very busy of late and want to let you know not to worry and if anyone else out there is waiting for a delivery they'll be arriving very soon. I shall contact you over email now. Sorry again for any problems caused

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