Serge/Ian Fritz 4U Panel PSU question

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Serge/Ian Fritz 4U Panel PSU question

Post by gnome666 » Wed Mar 25, 2020 10:29 am

I'm lucky to have recently aquired a set of Ian Fritz/Uglysound 4u TimberTantrum and Chaos panels. I also inherited the DIY PSU that I'm assuming was built by the original builder (seller was not first owner or original DIY'er).

The PSU is kinda huge and I was wondering if I would be able to plug the Fritz panels into my Konstant Lab PSU powering my other Serge panels. I looked through the old build threads and I think I saw that the Uglysound/Fritz panels needed +/- 12V, which I believe is what the Konstant lab PSU supplies.

My question regards wiring, as I am totally ignorant when it comes to these things...The Fritz panels have 4 pin molex connectors but only 3 wires (red black and white), and the Konstant Lab PSU takes Neutric 4 pin XLR. So, without a voltmeter, how do I find out which of the three wires coming from the Fritz panels need to be wired to which corresponding male XLR pin (since there are 4)? I've looked at the pinout diagram pictures for the neutrik XLR connectors, but I'm looking for suggestions on how I can make sure I'm wiring everything correctly.....

thanks in advance for the help and the handholding :)

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Re: Serge/Ian Fritz 4U Panel PSU question

Post by cygmu » Wed Mar 25, 2020 3:00 pm

The Fritz power connectors will (4 pin Molex or MTA-156 style) are most likely: red +12V, black 0V, white -12V.
The Konstant lab supply is probably following the Random Source pinout, or there would have been trouble. That is: pin 1, 12V; pin 2,3: 0V; pin 4: -12V.

Honestly I would not hook these up without measuring the voltages on the two supplies with a meter, or opening the PSU and the Fritz stuff up to make sure I knew what was what. But if I had to, I'd back the guess above...

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