R*S Carnivore build issue or normal behavior?

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R*S Carnivore build issue or normal behavior?

Post by colossus » Sat May 16, 2020 5:34 am

Do you have a Carnivore? I built mine up this week and seem to be having some issues with the Slopes/DTG side.

I calibrated so I’m getting about 0-5V from all of the outputs. I don’t have a scope, but that’s what my multimeter shows. However, I can’t seem to get the left gate output to reliably trigger the Stepped side of the SSG. It triggers fine from the Smooth Cycle out, so I don’t think it’s an SSG issue.

Any ideas? Strangely, I did note that I can kinda sorta get the SSG to trigger if I have the Freq of the left sides of the Slopes up to almost audio rate, but anything below that and just silence. I can also trigger it with the unipolar out from the left side of Slopes. Interestingly, I also notice that I’m getting a steady 5V from the right side Slopes gate out, even with nothing triggering it. Weird stuff!

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