October Loose Jam: Serge + CGS, CLee, Fritz, etc. 4U

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October Loose Jam: Serge + CGS, CLee, Fritz, etc. 4U

Post by dbernhardt58 » Sun Oct 18, 2020 4:50 pm

Finally a semi-decent result from efforts to get back on the Serge/4U rig. Quite a few bad ideas this weekend before this little discovery. I'm basically into somewhat rhythmical and melodic approach this go-round. I am listening to stuff that is much more sophisticated than I can even begin to do right now, but I am hoping with the ridiculous amount of gear lying around that I can learn how to do stuff like that. But this piece is nothing like that (around 6:00 or so it does begin to dance some).

Pico VCO (mixer channel 2) turned into a drum, with octave offset from a Dual Processor to get the high drum tone; processor output into one input of a Bi-Directional Switch, used as a kind of VCA for the octave CV signal. Use of Pulse Divider, CGS Master Divider, Logic, to get octave offset and VCA rhythm patterns; and Variable VCF to get drum tonal variations (various DUSG as LFO's for CV inputs to VCF).

NTO (mixer channel 1) as bass voice, with portamento input as primary bass melody using right channel of Programmer. One 1 OCT/V input from the left channel of Programmer at 1/3 or 1/4 speed (via patching the Sequencer as clock) as offset to melody, and another 1 OCT/V input as octave offset, again with tuned Dual Processor output into one input of a Bi-Directional Switch to control timing of the octave. CV control from various rows of one of the Programmers into NTO Variable wave form VC and into portamento VC. All pitch CV through the Quantizer.

Fritz Threeler VCF (mixer channel 3) as VCO, with all kinds of modulation and FM input from Pico VCO square wave output. Its like the spice on the piece, and takes over for sound exploration in the middle.

This is not great sound quality, just the amp loud, through the phone mic. Someday I'll hit a real record button. Thanks for listening.

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Re: October Loose Jam: Serge + CGS, CLee, Fritz, etc. 4U

Post by the bad producer » Mon Oct 19, 2020 12:39 pm

You should hit the record button! Sounds cool, the Threeler really is something else!

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