Fred and Ginger Trip the Erasmus Trail - plus more goodness!

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Fred and Ginger Trip the Erasmus Trail - plus more goodness!

Post by wonkychris » Sun Dec 28, 2014 7:44 pm


Heres a trio of tracks that came from the same Eurorack patch. I've not really done any 'proper' modular tracks before that generate themselves so this has been a bit of a learning experiment for that style. I also wanted to document the patch for my own memory as theres quite a lot going on I may want to refer back to, so I'll do that here as well.

I moved most of my kit out so I this is quite a small setup.

Braids (WTx4 - chords)
Pressure Points + Braids
Flame Tame
Intellijel Quadra
4MS VCA Matrix
Mutable Ripples
Doepfer A106-5 SEM Filter

Here are the tracks! First one is actually the third one and really came about from where the 3rd (original) track developed to towards the end. I spent a while getting a feel for 'playing' it and know what to change to drop into the 'quiet' bits when I want to change the feel. The first track is one of a few takes once I had a better idea how to control it a little.

Heres the patch


So, whats going on? As I said I wanted to do this for my own records, might make some sense to others.

The main control for the patch is the Wogglebug and the PEG.

Best way to do this is one module at a time


Main straight clock out to PEG Channel1 Ping input
Random Burst Gate out to PEG Channel2 Ping input. This also goes to Y-Clock in on Rene. This also goes to the 16th note input on the Flame Tame to clock it (randomly!)
Stepped Random Voltage out goes to the 'T' input (Toggle) on the PEG. This toggles both channel statuses between Cycling and Triggered, I had CH1 button on and CH2 off, so when CH1 was cycling CH2 is not.
The Woggle CV Out goes to the Color in on Braids which in WTx4 selects which chord is played. The Woggle Range is low (about 9oclock) and the Color knob at about 10, so the range of chords chosen is not huge)

The First Row of tuned voltages on the Pressure Points goes to the Clock/Chaos Control CV In which effectively changes the master clock depending on the setting of the PP when it swings by (but the nature of how that was being moved along meant that often I would only have one voltage above 0 and it would be passed over so quickly it would have very little effect)
The audio output from Braids goes into the Ring Mod input (via 4MS VCA Matrix output 1)
Ring Mod output goes to Doepfer A106-5 to make the various Cymbal/hi frequency percs etc, it then passes to the 4MS VCA Matrix CH3 in
Ring Mod output also goes to the Ripples filter to make the Kick Drum (probably doesnt really need to as you can only really hear the self oscillating filter, but it seems to make top end a little different)

For reference, Heart(chaos balance) knob at 12 oclock.
Smooth Range at full for consistent sections of music as this means the random gate burst stays stuck on most of the time. Backing this knob off results in kick/snare/echo bursts and general mayhem. When you turn it back to full it takes a while for the carnage to chill out (technical description)
Clock knob at 9oclock
Woggle Range at 9
Woggle at 2

1 down...

4MS PEG - Pingable Envelope Generator

PEG does a lot in this patch, I would say it is responsible for most of the interest in it. It clocks Rene (X), it triggers EG's that create the kick and 'cymbals' plus an EG that modulates Echophon feedback. Its own Envelopes modulate sends to the Echophon for Braids and Kick (by modulating outputs on the VCA MAtrix), level control/length of the cymbal sounds (again modulating VCA MAtrix out) AND it modulates itself as channel 2 ENV modulates clock division/mult of CH1

CH1: As mentioned above CH1 ping input is patched to wogglebug clock out, but as this is modulated by the Pressure Points it is not static.
The ENV out (Scale knob full and set to unipolar, Curve knob central, Skew at 3oclock) ) modulates the send to the Echophon for the Braids and the Kick (but as these arent always sounding at the same time, theres plenty variation). It is multed to the mod input on VCA Matrix IN1OUT3 and IN2OUT3. Echophon is fed from VCA MAtrix out 3
The EOF (End of Fall) output goes to the X-clock on the Rene, so it moves along one horizontal space at the end of each envelope cycle.
The EOR (End of Rise) triggers CH1 on the Quadra and that modulates the Feedback on the Echophon

There are two things that stop this channel and everything it controls from remaining static. The 'Toggle' Control which is controlled by Wogglebug Stepped Random CV means that it is effectively stopped at random, when the stuff on channel2 takes over. There is nothing in the QNT or Async inputs to trigger the envelope so when its stopped the envelope completes and the triggers it generates stop.
Also, the 'DIV' CV input is being modulated by the ENV out of channel 2 (Scale full + and set to bipolar, so it divides and Multiplies the clock). The main thing this does is give occasional little fast burst of notes as it rips across the X-axis on Rene when the clock gets multiplied.

CH2:OK, so the Ping input takes the Random Burst out from the Wogglebug. If the Wogglebug goes bonkers, everything controlled by this channel gets giddy, hence why the Smooth VCO range on Wogglebug is the primary control in this patch (full seems to give a mostly on gate). Also as the Clock division of CH1 is controlled by this channels envelope, that gets giddy as well. Instant free jazz drum fills galore!
The EOF output on this channel triggers the 2nd channel on the QUadra, which provides the envelope for the kick (so it triggers the kick).
The 'Half-Rise' output triggers the 3rd Quadra channel, which provides the envelope for the 'cymbal' noise (wogglebug Ring Mod through Doepfer filter). This also clock the Echophon, so although its mostly constant, it varies alot when 'giddiness' strikes, but is always nicely in a sort of sync. (this is mostly noticed as the clock out of the echophon governs the 'pulsing' of the Braids sound by going to Braids Trig in, more later!)
The fixed +5v ENV output modulates the level of the 'cymbal' sound by going into the IN3OUT4 modulation input on 4MS VCA Matrix. This means that when things get giddy you get really short hits, but when it calms down you get the longer pitch modulating high sounds. (the initial sort of 'splash' cymbal hit is the cutoff of the hipass filter fall and rising quickly controlled by Quadra EG)
As mentioned previously the main ENV modulates channel 1's clock division
The only thing being modulated on this side is the Skew, which is being modulated by CH4 on the Quadra (set to ASR, triggered by Rene Y-Gate which also controls level of Braids, so you can hear the shape). The Skew affects the 'shape' of the 'cymbal' sound and where the kick and cymbal hits fall relative to each other
Clock is Divided by 4 on this channel and Skew and Curve are at 3 oclock.

2 down!

Intellijel Quadra:

CH1: Exponential AD envelope triggered by PEG CH1 EOR and controls Echophon Feedback with a 11oclock rise 2oclock fall. Attenuator on Echophon is full poisitive
CH2: Kick sound Exponential AD as mentioned above. Controls VCA Gain and Filter FM on Ripples to create sound. 0 attack, 12oclock release, but gets adjusted during track.
CH3: 'Cymbal' Sound Exponential AD that controls volume on VCA Matrix send to Echophon and inverted envelope controls Hipass cutoff for 'Splash'Cymbal. The splash sound actually drops cutoff briefly. 10oclock rise and fall.
CH4: ASR Exponential triggered by Rene Y-Gate does Braids volume (VCA Matrix out) and modulates PEG CH2 Skew

4MS VCA Matrix:
I first started using this with some CV's but now almost always use it for audio. Its awesome having all those VCAs and I like to use them as multiple voltage controlled FX sends or voltage controlled routing/mixing. Its pretty simply used in this patch. As I've already mentioned all the modulation above i'll just list ins outs
IN1: Braids
IN2; 'Kick' (Wogglebug Ringmod/Ripples)
IN3: 'Cymbal' (Wogglebug Ringmod/A-106-5)
IN4: Echophon

Didnt really think much when I first got it. Now I have changed my mind!
Its set in the WTx4 Mode which is a bunch of great sounds and chords. One of my favourite modes for sure, so much variety, without getting too crazy
V/Oct comes from Rene's quantized CV out. The Trigger input comes from the Clock out of Echophon. I didnt have it plugged in when I first started the patch (and for most of the Fred and Ginger track), but when I plugged it in it really added a nice 'pulsing' to the track. I checked the 'TDST' setting that sets what occurs when a trigger is received and i had it set to TIMB which applies an AD envelope to the TIMBRE setting. In WTx4 that will actually morph through wavetables, so thats where the clicky 'footsteps' come from.
The TIMBRE is also modulated by the Rene unquantized out, so each pitch played has a different sound - nice
The COLOR control in this mode selects which chord is played. As mentioned above this is modulated by the Woggle CV out. I tweaked it to keep the chords reasonably sane.
Simple but effective! Thats what I really like about Braids...

Doepfer A-106-5 SEM Filter:

This is set full Hi Pass and Full Resonance, max cutoff, with the input at 7 which is distorting a bit (sounds crap lower). As mentioned previously the Quadra envelope dips the cutoff quickly and pops it up again (CV in -2). The input of the Wogglebug RingMod wobbles around and makes some interesting sound that, as its the Braids output ringmodded with the Wogglebugs internal wasps, seems to fit well with whatevers coming out...

Mutable Ripples:
As with the Cymbal sound this is fed with Wogglebugs RingMod, but you cant really tell. The sound is the Filter self Oscillating. Full resonance, cutoff set at almost nil anf filter FM about 1-2 oclock. The Quadra AD modulates filter FM AND the internal VCA. 4P>VCA output used.
Im pretty happy with that kick sound, has a nice natural thump that could almost be a punchy jazz kick. Sounds very jazz when the Kick and Splash hit together

I have found the Echophon has a habit of sounding a bit too 'Echohony' as the pitch shifting sound is very distinctive, so I think you have to be careful and be quiet sparing with the pitch shifting, particularly in the very high regions
In this patch its fed from a voltage controlled output on the VCA Matrix and gets some Braids, Kick and Cymbal sound. The feedback is modulated and tempo gets a varied signal to keep it lively, but in control. This is explained above. The only thing not mentioned is the tuned voltage row from PressurePoints that controls the Pitch1 CV in (attenuator full+). The main pitch knob is about 11oclock for a slight drift down with 0 volts from PP. The clock speed changing when PEG channel 2 gets giddy also makes good effects, as the changing echo speed is another Echophon strong point. As mentioned above the Clock out triggers the Y-Mod input on Braids and the Rene Y-Gate then triggers the envelopes controlling the Braids 'pulsing' which adds more nice rhythmic changes. The Tempo input doesnt seem to repond to slow clock ins (unlike PEG which just waits for the next clock and times the gap), so until it gets a clock fast enough it just ignores the slow ones and uses its internal clock, then falls back after clock has slowed down too much (or it seems to do to me)
Depth is set to full for 1v/oct tracking and feedback is set to about 11 so it has a single pitch shifted repeat with no modulation. Modulation is full+

I think most of the clock is explained above so I will explain the rest. Its setup in normal mode, so a trigger at X-Clock move the position along X-axis one space and one at Y-Clock moves it up one space on the Y-axis.
ACCESS is on for all positions as is the X and Y gates.
In Y-Fun the 'G . CLK' setting is selected, so everytime a gate is received at Y-MOD (from Echophon Clock Out) a gate is triggered at Y-Gate (as well as when it produces a gate by moving up a position), hence the pulsing sound. If this is not set the Braids just plays a flat chord most of the time. I turned this on and off during the first track, to get the sections with sustained (non-pulsing) chords
The X-Gate out provides the Clock signal for the Pressure Points. There is also the 'G.CLK' setting in X-FUN so that more gates are produced whenever a clock is received (PEG CH1 EOF)
The Q page is set to a minor scale (in the short tracks)

Its main job is to mess with Wogglebug's clock. Usually I have one voltage set, if you add more things get quite chaotic quickly. I manually adjust these during the patch
The other 5v row controls the pitch shifting on Echophon
Rene's X-Gate clocks Brains, but to give a bit more to throw things around I patched the Beat out of the Flame Tame to the T-Clock, which I dont really undertand other than it messes with Brains head!

Flame Tame
This is clocked by Wogglbug Random bursts, so is pretty variable. I then had the 'Beat' dial set to centre which sort of divides that clock by about 8 and puts out a long gate. This is what I patched in the the Brains T-Clock, so the movement of Brains is quite veriable.

Everything was recorded as a single mono channel in Ableton and some basic reverb was added

OK, thats about it. From going through the patch again and writing it up I have learned a lot and tested most controls to really understand the patch. A good excercise for me.

One day Wogglebug will be like my friendly dog companion, it still feels a bit like a mental puppy who runs off all the time...
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Post by wonkychris » Fri Dec 23, 2016 6:02 pm

I've been doing some more generative type stuff so it can live here :-)

In the Trenches with the Involuntary Psychonaut Soldier
(AKA Boobles at Dawn)
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Post by wonkychris » Mon Dec 26, 2016 11:30 am

Heres a few notes on the last patch for (my) reference.

It started based around an EOC output on a channel of Intellijel Quadra envelope generatos in LFO mode shifting(via MOD input) 6 prime number clock divisions around in the Make Noise Tempi. It also advanced a Make Noise Brains/Pressure points at the same time. The CV output of a channel on the Pressure Points changed the length of attack and decay on the Quadra channel so the shifts got quicker or slower and created evolving patterns.

The tempo of the Tempi is set from a Wiard Wogglebug. I adjusted the tempo a little throughout the recording. Its was set full counterclockwise at the start and after a few minutes I slowly wound it up. It gets to full speed at around 11min45ish.

The two seperate tempo bases set by the looping AR from the Quadra making the changes to the divisions in the Tempi, against the actual tempo of the Tempi set by the Wogglebug makes for a lot of variety.

Again the PEG features heavily. The End of Fall output on channel 1 triggers the Hexinverter BD9 and the Half Rise output on channel 2 triggers Basimilus Iteratis.
Ch1 is pinged by Tempi CH2 and Ch2 by Tempi CH3. The divisions are moudlated by Wogglebug Woggle CV out and Smooth CV out respectively. The Async inputs are triggered by Turing Machine Pulses Ch1 and 4 respctively. ENV outputs control a channel each of Thomas White Quad LPG set in VCA/Filter mode with the variable outputs from 2 Make Noise STO's

The STO's have the SUB outs patched to another two channels of the Quad LPG. Those are triggered (using the S-Gate input to switch their output on and off) by the opposite channel of pulses to their main oscillator output.
The STO's get their pitch CV from outputs A and B of an Intellijel uScale2 whos input is from a Turing Machine. I think the interval was set to a major 3rd. The output of each channel passes into a channel of an A148 Sample and Hold. this is also triggered by Channels 1 and 4 of Pulses so the CV's of each oscillator are held to generate random chords between the two. I had uScale set on a major scale.
The output 1 of the uScales also went to the Heart in of the Wogglebug.
The smooth Oscillator out of Wogglebug went to Lin FM input on STO 1 and Sine out from STO1 went to Lin FM on STO2. All the long noises in the early section and at the end were created by FMing these to oscillators. The Heart/Chaos balance got tweaked somewhat throughout the session.
The Shape inputs were modulated by two quadra outputs set to cycle mode on random lengths, but reset by Pulses CH1 and 4 as well.
The Turing Machine had CV from Quadra Ch3 (alternating cycling AR) to change whether it was locked and cycling or generating a random sequence.

PEG End of Fall output on channel 1 triggers the Hexinverter BD9 and the Half Rise output on channel 2 triggers Basimilus Iteratis.
Tempi CH1, 2 and 3 are all patched to inputs on an RYO AND/NAND logic module and the AND output goes to the input on an A151 Sequential Switch wet to 3 steps. One out goes to a Mutant HiHats (via an A150 CV switch controlled by a channel of a Triatt to manually choose if the open or closed hats are triggered) and the other to trigger a Quadra channel comtrolling VCA and FM on a Ripples with Braids in Cymbal mode through it.
Out 2 of Turing Machine Pulses resets Radio Music playing percussion samples (with sample/station chosen by output of Turing Machine Volts)
(OR 3+4 out from Quadra modulates BI decay and inverted modulates Fold. Channel 3 on quadra has cycling AR that EOC of moves Pressure Points which actually affect the attack and decay of that Quadra channel eek!)
The DB9 gets a change on pitch from each stage of the Pressure points set approx to a 3rd and 5th. Approx :-)

Audio Mixing
BD9, Basimilus Iteratis and Radio Music mixed with a Manhatton MIX and then into 1 input on 4MS VCA MAtrix. Mutant Hihats has a VCAM channel and Braids via Ripples. Other input is Echophon. One VCAM output is mix to Ableton. 2 is input to Echophon and 3 is to Phonogene in. channel VCAs for echophon are blipped by Pulses 7, 1+2 and 2+4 outs. VCAs for Phonogene input are gated on by the Stage gates on Pressure Points. (phongene straight to DAW and play triggered by AND out from RYO, Rec triggered by NAND)


Modules used...

2x STO
Thomas White Quad LPG
4MS VCA Matrix
Basimilus Iteratis
Mutant BD9
Radio Music
Mutant Hihats
Wiard Wogglebug
Intellijel Quadra and Expander
Manhattan Mix
A-148 sample and hold
A-150 Voltage Controlled Switch
A-151 Sequential Switch
RYO And Logic
Braids/Pressure Points
Turing Machine + Pulses + Volts

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Post by MarcelP » Mon Jan 09, 2017 3:25 pm

There is some good stuff in that wildness! Demands to be played at high volume too...which is a good thing!

Also: wish I had your discipline to make all those patch notes, I have had the best intentions for the last 6 months - sharpened my pencil many times - and haven't made one note so far. Good idea to post it up here along with the track.
I MUST get my act together to do this!

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Post by wonkychris » Fri Dec 13, 2019 8:19 am

Its been a while but heres a retrospective of 5 years worth of modular fun.

Looking back at the photo from 5years at the top of this post, I still have almost all the modules! I have bought and sold quite a lot of others, just pleased to see I've not been too casual with modules and actually got to know them. Only Pressure Points and Flame Tame gone plus Rene got replaced with Rene2 (but i've still got the v1 which my mate has had on loan for a while)

Heres a few tracks from back in early 2014 both from mainly this setup (but the beaty ones had drum machines as well as modular)

Its great to look back and think theres actually some decent stuff there. Arguably better than stuff I make more recently! Doh :doh:



Beaty and Invadery
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Post by wonkychris » Mon Dec 16, 2019 4:31 pm

More mayhem from the synth this time no drum machines. chaos. good toy samples from the RadioMusic via Cane Creek on Muff Wiggler. Ta! January 1st 2015

Dubd out broken techno beats on Paddy's Day 2015

Get Party Political on my birthday on 2015 -jungle is massive
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Re: Fred and Ginger Trip the Erasmus Trail - plus more goodness!

Post by wonkychris » Mon Feb 10, 2020 4:54 pm

Christmas a shitty election result and bringing in 2020 got in the way, but we're back in the game!

Heres some fun from 13th April 2015...

"bit of a test for noise engineering numeric repetitor and my modular beatsiness in general
think my radio music module is doing some weird stuff so some weird atifacts coming through on the samples..."

And a couple more from the week after :sb: :sb: :sb: :sb: :sb:

Jammin again...
jammin on the disco. mainly the numeric repetitor in control of this one, with Braids, PEG, Mutant Hat, Peaks, Ripples, Wogglebug, Phonogene, Echophon, Radio Music, Basimilus Iteritas, Rene, VCA Matrix, Kraftzwerg, A-148, A151, Quadra, Pamelas Workout, Turing Machine...

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