my biggest patch ever

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my biggest patch ever

Post by tuj » Wed Jan 29, 2020 2:51 am

Patch Notes:

1. Intellijel Mutagen submixer #1 runs into a 4MS Dual Looping Delay.

a - Error Instruments Irdukanji Glitch Drum
b - Tiptop Audio ONE percussive sample
c - TTA ONE pitched sample into 2HP delay
d - R808 drum module
e - ALM Busy Circuits Akeime's Taiko #1
f - Akeime's Taiko #2

2. WMD Phase Displacement Oscillator MK1 broken out by 4 channels, each into an input of a Doepfer A-132-4 VCA. A Doepfer A-143-1 provides 4 envelopes to open each VCA, the sum of which is sent through a TTA Z2040 lowpass and then fed to the Make Noise Echophon. An Industrial Music Electronics (Harvestman) Stillson Hammer MKII sequencer is used to sequence the pitch of the PDO and the other three channels send 0-5v CV to the PDO's displacement jacks for oscillators 2-4. At the same time, the four channels of gates on the Stillson go to the A-143-1 which then control the VCA.

3. Jomox MBase kick into Godsbox Lollipop compressor in FET mode, triggered by Trigger Riot.

4. Hexinverter Hot Glue submixer - each channel is fed into a Schleußig mute module before the Hot Glue to enable individual mutes. The send of the Hot Glue is to an Erica Synths Pico DSP reverb.

a - Snare from Black Noir
b - Intellijel Plonk cymbal sound
c - FutureRetro Transient+ #1
d - Jomox Mbrane

5. Mutagen submixer #2. The mix is sent to a A-107-1 filter to a 2HP Freez then to an Alright Devices Chronoblob V1 delay.

a - FR Transient+ #2
b - Noise Engineering BIA
c - WMD Chimera
d - WMD Fracture
e - TTA ride cymbal
f - TTA crash cymbal

6. Buck Modular DrumFuck into uBurst (Clouds) running Parasites.

7. Akeime's Castle into Rossum Morpheus into uDervish FX unit running a reverb/delay.

8. WMD Spectrum into Livewire FrequenSteiner lowpass filter into a uVCA into Pico DSP delay. The Spectrum gets pitch from a Z8000 (#2) into an Argo Bleak quantizer. The uVCA is opened by a 4ms Pingable Envelope Generator.

9. Waldorf NW1 wavetable oscillator into Pittsburgh Modular FLTR lowpass into RainMaker delay. The NW1 is in gated travel mode and is fed gates from Trigger Riot while a Noise Engineering Vox Digitalis sequences pitch.

10. Qu-Bit Scanned into Prism into QPAS split into 2x Disting MK4's running clocked delays. Scanned gets its pitch from a uScale V1 which is fed from a Z8000 (#1) sequencer and excitation is triggered by a Varigate4 (#2). The radidate controls of the QPAS are controlled by two clock-synced LFO's from the Abstract Data ADE-32. The radiate triggers (!) are pinged with random clocked binary gates from the Livewire Chaos Computer.

Triggering is provided by Trigger Riot, a Beast-Tek Amoeba algorithmic generator, a Noise Engineering Numeric Repetitor, and two Varigate4's. Envelopes for modulation come from A-142-4 quad decay, two A-143-1, two Maths, and a PEG. LFO's are provided by the ADE-32, Batumi, A-145-4, and two 2HP LFOs.

The main clock is a 16th note clock coming from Ableton to an Expert Sleepers ES-4 along with a reset signal. The clock and reset are each sent to a Multiplicity VX buffered multiple (two of them) to distribute clock and reset around the system. All clocks are derrived from this one 16th note stream. The 4ms Quad Clock Distributor is used in dividing clocks as is the Rotating Clock Divider and the Shuffling Clock Multiplier, as well as a Doepfer A-150/151 combo. Other modulating CV comes from two Z8000's running multiple outs each.

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Re: my biggest patch ever

Post by lauprellim » Thu Jan 30, 2020 1:27 pm

This is great -- a lot of variety of sounds! I guess that's where 3000+hp comes in handy?
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