Half-Whole (Piano And Modular Improvisation over Messiaens 2nd Mode)

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Half-Whole (Piano And Modular Improvisation over Messiaens 2nd Mode)

Post by passivist » Tue Feb 04, 2020 3:42 pm

Playing around with different scales today. I've been interested in Messiaens modes of limited transposition for quite a while but never incorperated them in the videos here until now. I really like the unusual kinds of harmony that arise with each different scale. The mode for this video is the second mode (also known as the octatonic or dimineshed scale).

The patch consists of two Even VCOs going into the BF-22 filter. Two envelopes from maths are patched into the fm input of the oscillators for the rising or falling motion of that occurs periodically. The two synth voices are then patched into the 4ms DLD. The piano is patched into Clouds in looping delay mode for that sweet 8bit delay.


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