Slow Panic

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Slow Panic

Post by coldresponse » Wed Feb 12, 2020 10:48 pm

Virus themed track : Slow Panic

I made use of the Rubicon2 TZFM with a slow triangle LFO to get that breathing effect. Majority of the sound came from the Rubicon2 in this track.
Vocals through the Ableton vocoder kinda sounds like the Borg.
Quadra+EXP in quadrature mode to get that double pulse effect when connected into QPAS and or Mimeophon.
The base bassline was sequenced in the Qu-Bit Bloom, but I constrained its output through Scales. At the last part I cranked the mutate knob which basically re-writes the base pitch values, they start to jump octaves, and with a bit of slew and still fixed to 3 or 4 notes through Scales it made an interesting sound.

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