Rhythmic Psych Drone (e352 Phase Modulation, Alesis Ion, Piston Honda, Rings)

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Rhythmic Psych Drone (e352 Phase Modulation, Alesis Ion, Piston Honda, Rings)

Post by dooj88 » Wed Mar 04, 2020 4:44 pm

been getting into the grittier side of drones and ambience - some with stronger grooves than this, some less so. the past few tracks have maintained some sort of stylistic cohesion. not sure if that's hitting a creative wall or plateauing at a happy place before moving on. the next few jams will decide.

anyway i think i have enough to put together an album to show for all these years in front of the modular. then maybe i'll shuffle the modules in the rack to change up my approach.

enough babbling, track notes:
here's the e352 in morph + phase mode modulated by dr oct self oscillating into X input. dr oct's Q is played by pressure points (also into e352 v/oct input) for interesting harmonic intervals btw filter and e352. cv Z input is static audio sin wave from spectrum. piston honda into veils modulated by contour envelope (w/ variable decay offsets) randomly triggered w/ ladik skipper module then into DLD. rings into clouds (AAAHHHHHH smooth). clouds left out into warps crossfader algo w/ internal sin wave modulation for added grit then into ripples into deflector shield into mixer. clouds right out into other side of DLD then into TRSHMSTR for more grit. planar modulated by o_c's vitz nutcracker sweet and the hypster modulates clouds size (X output) and density (Y output). clouds has high density setting for capured audio drone. piston honda external output into modualted doepfer bitcrusher into LxD then mixer for some rhythm. alesis ion bass voice is sequenced by keystep.

thanks for listening

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