Minimal melodic rhythmic tunes

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Minimal melodic rhythmic tunes

Post by Bachelard » Mon May 18, 2020 9:21 am

Good morning.

I recorded a little EP this weekend, working with a single patch and exploring musical variations within it. I've been making mostly ambient atonal stuff that last little while, but I've been craving to go back to my roots of melody, rhythm, and repeition.

The patch really revolves around the Toppobrillo Quantimator that I just got that is quantizing the Pittsburgh Lifeforms Touch Controller. Most of the weird modulation and gestures come from the Modcan CV Recorder, where I recorded a set of LFOs/envelopes on one half of the buffer, and some stepped CVs on the other half (the CV Recorder lets you set start and end point for both playback and recording, so you can record chunks of stuff within the buffer).

Here is a list of modules used in the patch (pretty much my whole system):
Modcan CV Recorder
IME Hertz Donut mk1
Mannequins Mangrove
Mannequins Three Sisters
IFM Denum
Acid Rain Switchblade (super, super useful utility that I use as a mute switch/router)
Frap Tools 321
Frap Tools Falistri
Toppobrillo Quantimator
Pittsburgh Timetable
Doepfer A-135-2
Pittsburgh Touch Controller
Mutable Marbles (10hp version)
Eventide Space & Timefactor for looping & effects

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