AMSynths AM8109 filter brothers (MK1, MK2)

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AMSynths AM8109 filter brothers (MK1, MK2)

Post by johny_gtr » Sat Jan 09, 2021 5:49 pm

AM Synths 8109 mk I and mk II together.

Chain: Random Source NTO -> AM8109 (L+R with stackable), RS Stereo Mixer (panned L, R but sometimes I triggered panning CV from Zadar) -> Intellijel LineOut (StereoMixer is too hot for audio interface but shines when overdrives) -> RME BabyfacePro FS -> DAW (without any edits except a fade in the end).

CV chain: Vector to NTO (CV), Vector to Stages - Gate, Stages to both channels of mixer VCAs -same signal - Envelope (AD mode), Zadar sends different envelope textures to both filters (different zadar channels), and rare - to VCA mixer panner. on the latter stages - to variable parameter of NTO.

Many manual changes of filters, Stages and Zadar. I have a video of it but so lazy to edit and sync))

Just first jam, no edits, no effects. This module has got my best achievement - "Was recorded without any reverb/echo". Feel free to scroll and skip some parts: pulse, add some CVtextures from Zadar, saw, variable, different AD envelopes, octave down. I hope this recorded jam helps you to decide.
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