1x sos panel+knobs 4 u if u need em

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1x sos panel+knobs 4 u if u need em

Post by dude » Sat Nov 23, 2013 4:33 pm

i didn't quite know where to put this so i am putting it here (please move if necessary (and my apologies if that is the case).

i have a sos panel and the 6 knobs (maybe even some other parts if you need em (but not likely) left from a diy kit. i am more than happy to ship these to any domestic soul who would like them (i will pay shipping). please just pm me your interest and address and i will get them out at my earliest convenience.

the panel is just like the stock one except it has 4 clean holes for mounting the pcb via standoffs. i don't have the standoffs but you can easily find some i am sure.

this is meant to follow the kind spirit that kevin (f(h)) has always offered me in every single interaction i have had with him.

i know it isn't much but hopefully somebody can use it?

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