Live set (video) with 2 frame system

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Live set (video) with 2 frame system

Post by shred » Sun Jun 30, 2019 10:23 am

played out the other night with my 2 frame system at a local community bike shop where we have gigs every month. meanders in a few sections but overall I'm quite happy with it!

Top row - SynthVoice
Bottom Row - Joy/Touch, Chirper, PTDelay
sequencing from Keystep

most everything is coming from the 2 frame... lots of Chirper, lots of delay feedback, all of the melodic lines are from SV. the bowed stuff at the end is a large spring being fed through OT comb filters.

this is the first time I've played out with it and it sounded so LUSH cranked up a bit through the PA. I live in a very small apt so I'm usually wearing headphones most of the time. was really, really nice to hear it opened up.

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