Roland MC-707 Groovebox

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Re: Roland MC-707 Groovebox

Post by 3lbFlax » Mon Sep 28, 2020 7:36 am

chaocrator wrote:
Sun Sep 27, 2020 12:58 pm
3lbFlax wrote:
Sun Sep 27, 2020 9:39 am
I'll be resubmitting those as 1.60 bugs, and suggest anyone affected by them does the same.
where do i submit bugs? it's not easy to find.
I start from ... ct_support, but there may be better ways - I know some people try a combo of support emails and contacting social media accounts, for example.

My emails to support have led to tickets being opened (on Zendesk - you should be emailed the ticket details once it's created), but not much traction after that, so far.

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Re: Roland MC-707 Groovebox

Post by h4ndcrafted » Sun Oct 04, 2020 1:40 pm

Now that the mc707 can run in class compliant mode , is it the case you can only get master out when this is selected ?

I was using an external sound card to use my iPad as an effects box , but I was hoping I could eliminate the extra conversion now.

Is there anyway to use the send and return directly to my iPad ? I’ve played with various setting , using send set to PC , tried using the return inserted into a separate track, but you just get the effect on the master, which I expected.

I need to be able to access the multi outs from the mc707 don’t I ?
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