KORG POLY 61 non working tape mode, parameter values (photos)

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KORG POLY 61 non working tape mode, parameter values (photos)

Post by hosyin » Sun Mar 15, 2020 7:00 am


Know that there are members here, who restored some Poly 61 after battery leaking.
Here is the thing: I gave my tech guy an old Poly 61 and he clean board from leaking, also under the IC chips, restore some traces and check conduction. Add new battery. All looks fine, keyboard works good, all voices play, i can change presets, but the main problem not gone: parameter/program/write buttons and also two value buttons not working at all, i can't change any parameter. Tape and write switches on the back also not do anything, can't go in tape mode to reload patches. And we measure conduction of these switches, they are not dead, work well.
Where to see to find a problem? These all non-working buttons was in the beginning before we restore and clean board.

Add photos of cleaning/restoration process.
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