Keyed Mosstone Lorre Mill - how do I start with it?

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Keyed Mosstone Lorre Mill - how do I start with it?

Post by Guillethemovie » Thu Mar 19, 2020 3:04 pm


I'm pretty new in modular synthesizing and I've been playing around with some Pocket Operators and I also have the unique and awesome CL's Plumbutter II. I've been experimenting so far with these guys and I'm so very pleased I could understand the basis of modular synthz.

I just got a Lorre Mill's Keyed Mosstone.
I tuned it a bit and tried to make the PB2 and PO-Rhythm to somehow trigger Mosstone's key sounds so that I can play around with an automatized melody.
However I still have some doubts about where I should connect each thing...

-I'm not sure what's the difference about connecting an instrument to the Mosstone's Gate Input or the CV... What should I know about these?

-I saw PB + Mosstone (and other banana friendly instruments) are usually connected through the ground jack banana on the back of the mosstone.
I'm not sure what is this for and if I should still also connect the instrument to either Gate Input or CV.

-How should I proceed to trigger Mosstone's sounds instead of playing the keys? I feel like I'm doing something wrong and I want to know more about all this.

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Thanks for your time and help!

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Re: Keyed Mosstone Lorre Mill - how do I start with it?

Post by flashheart » Sat Mar 21, 2020 11:24 am

You've certainly dived in at the deep end!
So, what I can tell you is:
When you play the Mosstone on it's own keyboard it generates CV for pitch and the gate to start and end notes.
You should use CV for pitch (though it can be used possibly to control other things, depends on what the Mosstone let's you connect it to).
The gate you'll use to turn a note on.

Regarding connecting banana instruments, yes you do need to connect the grounds as banana cables only have one conductor, the CV and gate voltages need a ground connection as reference.
Can't help you with any specific info as I don't have either instrument.
Good luck!
I'm not buying a maths though, not my idea of fun...

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Re: Keyed Mosstone Lorre Mill - how do I start with it?

Post by sparks » Mon Mar 23, 2020 2:10 pm

I think this is really good if you want to understand the Mosstone

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