Midas venice f24 acting weird - help needed please

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Midas venice f24 acting weird - help needed please

Post by sillyquestions? » Thu May 14, 2020 11:51 am


My desk has all of a sudden started to act a little strange.. Can't get my head around it... Maybe I moved a knob while dusting it but as far as I'm aware everything is where it should be.. let me try and explain.

Master outs are going in too monitors.. L/R. That's all fine... but L/R are not balanced at all. I need too pan the MASTER to around 9 o'clock to get it sounding equal. The right side is MUCH louder than the left... At first I thought it was an issue with my A3x's but swapped them around, swapped the cables and still the same thing is happening just on the opposite side (if that makes sense).. I also just had my monitors back from a warranty repair, so I can rule out them being faulty. It's something to do with the desk - i'm sure of it...

Does anyone have any idea? I'm not sure many will be using this desk but if someone does please help! I'm going nuts haha.


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