clocking stratified tracks(DAW/modular)

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clocking stratified tracks(DAW/modular)

Post by Severed head » Tue Jan 14, 2020 7:52 pm

I have some ideas I’m going to start working on, and I’m wondering how I would achieve something.

I’m planning on recording track by track,
Some modular lines (stratified out of necessity)
with some of the pieces I have ideas that use the same modules but patched differently, so I’m wondering how I can record one layer, repatch, then record the next layer and get the clocking correct. as I’ll be doing some knob turning, manual triggering, and other performance type moves, I’ve been unsuccessful with the lame copy/paste technique to pair the clock on each layer.

A few feedback on the situation,
First-I’ve tried the usual use a click/count in but after a few bars the minor off timing becomes apparent.
Secondly- (this is probably going to be the solution, I’m guessing) but I haven’t ever used MIDI in any form, and don’t own any MIDI gear, and although I don’t want to buy any MIDI gear I would consider it if there was a fairly cheap solution.
And lastly, I have reaper, cubase, but prefer to stay in cubase. Just cuz I can work faster and more intuitively out of familiarity, and I’m not so advanced in DAW recording. I can pretty much capture the audio, cleanly enough, and place the sounds where I want them and send the project file to a friend who is good at all the production aspects.

Thanks any ideas would be appreciated.
Sorry for to long post.
WTB:, MA35 filter. -Mac recordings software from 2008/9

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