H4Npro? additional tracks??

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H4Npro? additional tracks??

Post by Severed head » Sun Jan 19, 2020 11:25 am

I was wondering If anyone knows how you can get more tracks from the H4Npro, once you fill the four?
w/o importing to a computer then adding tracks with a DAW.
I thought I could bounce then import the bounced file to a new project and thing have 3 more track.
but I cant seem to find a paste function. after copying.

Im just thinking now,
I wonder if you could start a new project, thing on the computer past the bounce to the project folder, then either open it on the H4Npro or rename it as TRK-00XXX then it would open in the new project as if it was a originally created file???

im going to try that now I think,
has anyone tried ? or have any idea how to twice bake the bounced mix?

my objective it to easily get the H4Npros workflow, sand pre amp.

thanks Ex..
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