Software (OS X) that can read Akai S1000 CDs /CD ISO

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Software (OS X) that can read Akai S1000 CDs /CD ISO

Post by Analog Prophet » Tue Mar 03, 2020 4:47 am

Is there any OS X (present versions) software that can read AKAI S1000 CDs and/or AKAI S1000 CD ISO images, such a DAW plugin to replay the presets (not just the wav-files). I had in mind Kontakt (now version 6) could earlier but the ISO didn’t appear in the file menu.

I have used Chickensys Translator 6 Free to convert my about 100 AKAI S1000 CD collection (from former days that I saved and bought an AKAI again recently for nostalgia purpose) to ISO as future backup. I love to use the S1000 but still it would be nice to be able to use straight in to my DAW as well.
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Re: Software (OS X) that can read Akai S1000 CDs /CD ISO

Post by Monotremata » Wed Mar 04, 2020 10:54 am

Translator is the only 'current' option really, and honestly I wouldn't waste my money on it. The software sucks and the "company" itself is pretty terrible if you've ever seen the 'owner' engage with customers online. Theres still the old CDXtract, Extreme Sample Converter, Awave, etc..

Kontakt got rid of it at some point during v5, Apple also cut the feature from the EXS24 as well.

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Re: Software (OS X) that can read Akai S1000 CDs /CD ISO

Post by (((EMP))) » Wed Mar 04, 2020 4:11 pm

Translator 6 working good for me here. Older versions in years back were sketchy, But the latest versions have all worked good for me. I’ve successfully converted 100’s and 100’s of banks and presets into various formats. Mostly E-MU (.e4b) and Akai (.akp) from all manner of source. Granted I have had the occasional crash here and there but nothing crazy.

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