ES-9 Initial Windows 10 Setup Issues

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ES-9 Initial Windows 10 Setup Issues

Post by wilhel45 » Wed Mar 18, 2020 12:33 pm

I am running into some issues with ES-9 on Windows 10. I have updated my ES driver to 4.82.0 and the ES-9 itself to version 1.11 using the DFU tool but these issues appear 100% of the time:

- the ES-9 will not play music through Spotify, Windows Media Player, Youtube etc. when the ES-9 is selected as Windows' audio interface
- In Ableton Live 10, I can select the ES-9 as the audio in/out device (driver type: ASIO) and view all of the in/out channels for it, but Live will not play any audio or even move the playhead on an audio clip
- changing ES-9 routing settings with the windows GUI config tool seems to have no effect

The Expert Sleepers Control Panel utility lists the following as my current settings:
USB Audio Device: ES-9
Current Sample Rate: 48000 Hz

Buffer Settings
Preferred ASIO Buffer Size: 512 Samples
Safe Mode: Enabled
ASIO Status Section:
Current Sample Rate: 48000 Hz
Input Latency: 728 Samples (15.17ms)
Output Latency: 600 Samples (12.50ms)
ASIO active (PCM mode)

Device Manufacturer: Expert Sleepers Ltd.
Product: ES-9
VID/PID: 0x2485/0x50E0
Revision: v1.11
Serial No: [blank]

Driver Info:
Version 4.82.0
Release Build

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