ES-9 Not sending CV

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ES-9 Not sending CV

Post by OnlyRuin » Sat Mar 21, 2020 10:51 am

Hey all, I just upgraded to the ES-9 from the ES-8, and I'm having an issue sending CV from Ableton. I have everything configured the same way I had my ES-8, basically just swapped them out in my case and rebooted. I'm trying to send clock or anything from CV tools into the ES-9 and it's not responding. Audio is coming into Ableton fine, but not sending. Any ideas?

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Re: ES-9 Not sending CV

Post by Monofunk » Sun Mar 22, 2020 2:03 am

You are probably addressing the incorrect outputs in Ableton. Read Page 9 and 10 of the manual.

"It is instructive to look at how the default channel routings are achieved. Starting with the USB audio block, its inputs 1-14 are set to the 14 hardware inputs, so the hardware inputs are routed directly to the USB section and sent to the DAW. Likewise inputs 15-16 are set to the outputs of the S/PDIF processor (i.e. the hardware S/PDIF input is routed to DAW inputs 15-16).
Page 9
The outputs of the USB audio block might at first glance appear confusing. Outputs 9-16 are straightforward, since they're set to hardware outputs 1-8 i.e. DAW channels 9-61 drive the 3.5mm outputs. Likewise DAW 7-8 goes to the ES-5. However outputs 1-6 of the USB audio block are all set to Bus 16. This is because USB (DAW) channels 1-6 are handled by the mixer and S/PDIF processor, and so are not directly driven by the USB audio block. The outputs have to go somewhere though, so we set them to Bus 16 as a kind of 'dead end'."

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