Anyone interestd in clones of R.A. Moog Bode 6402 or 6552?

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Post by calaveras » Thu Jan 29, 2015 1:23 pm

paults wrote:The only analog reverb, besides recording in a church or grain silo or the hallway, was the EMT Plate type. And they didn't sound all that great.

And there are things plug-ins that no analog thing could ever dream of doing.
Spring reverb, and drum reverbs do exist as well, and predate PCM/delta-sigma digital domain conversion by decades.
Sadly I dont know of anyone making a drum reverb anymore. Thought about making one myself, but the potential for rack gear that can leak fluid?

BTW EMT wasn't the only plate reverb.

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Re: Anyone interestd in clones of R.A. Moog Bode 6402 or 6552?

Post by hirezsqwave » Mon Mar 09, 2020 10:58 am

Regarding the schematic for the Model 6552 Frequency Shifter invented by Harold Bode, the Audio Engineering Society has an e-Library of various useful papers. One of these is an excellent paper written by Harold Bode entitled "A High Accuracy Frequency Shifter for Professional Audio Applications". The noted paper, co-written by Harold Bode and Robert Moog, explains, in great depth, the theory and operation of the circuits employed in the Model 6552 Frequency Shifter. The paper is available here:

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