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Post by Blairio » Wed Mar 25, 2020 1:32 am

cretaceousear wrote:
Mon Apr 23, 2018 11:17 am
There were military experiments in 50s/60s around using infrasound as a weapon. I even remember seeing the BBC documentary about it maybe 45 years ago - soothing theta waves not!
I got told by someone who knew them that one of the KLF did experiments on this in a workspace unit and found it worked well to upset the neighbours.

And .. new age authors like Mr Sheldrake used to sugggest that infrasound from mega-horns was what made the walls of Jericho come tumblin' down.

(Incidentally movie film projectors have a secondary shutter, in a sort of quadrant shape, that spins in front of the main shutter to produce a double flicker - so what you see is 48 flickers per second from the 24 fps source.)
There is another detailed thread somewhere on the weaponisation of infrasound. There were experiments on 'sonic cannons' in Germany back in the 20's and 30's, so this is a well trodden path. On the walls of Jericho, I understand more recent thinking is that the sympathetic vibration of 10s of thousands of soldiers marching in step round the walls created the resonance that shook first the ground, and then the foundations of the walls. We will never know. If there was a mighty infrasound horn, just what powered it? The problem with most new age writing (a.k.a. post hippy nonsense) is that explanations of phenomena tend to be even more complex than the phenomena themselves. At this point alarm bells really should start to ring.

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